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in my apps, i have problem with xml parising .i have same tags differentiate with integer value.each tag has different value.

now the problem me facing is accessing this value for that particular tag only. plz anybody have idea abat this. let me know.

mean's the problem is that i have one MutableArray and all record in it. and i want to show some values in one view and reaming some value show in another view and reaming in another view.. But the MutableArray is same..

and one more thing is that i want to get tag value


the output is subject i want. i do not need of XYZ i need only subject..

sorry i can not show what i want but please understand my question and give me the answer


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Use NSMutableDictionary instead NSMutableArray.

From documentation.

The NSMutableDictionary class declares the programmatic interface to objects that manage mutable associations of keys and values. It adds modification operations to the basic operations it inherits from NSDictionary.

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thnx bro But it is compensatory use of NSMUtablArray – Muhammed Ayaz Jul 13 '11 at 6:46
Actually in dictionary you could store both keys and value and it also provide the utility functions to access the keys and values. – Jhaliya Jul 13 '11 at 7:00

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