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Hi, I'm new to iPhone development. I'm working on a PickerView control and I'm facing a problem. How do I bind a PickerView control with a string array. It takes a NSObject as the Datasource property. I have an array of items which I want to bind with this PickerView control but I can't.

I've tried this :

String[] item = {"New York", "Toronto", "California"};

pickView.Datasource = (NSObject) item;

but it's not working. Please can anyone tell me how I bind a string array with a PickerView control. Any help in this regard is greatly appreciated.

Note: any help in Objective C is also accepted.

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Things work differently on iOS. To provide data to a picker view, you need to create a class that inherits the UIPickerViewModel class:

public class PickerModel : UIPickerViewModel

Inside that class, you need to override some methods so that your data will be displayed:

String[] item = {"New York", "Toronto", "California"};
public override string GetTitle (UIPickerView picker, int row, int component)
    return item[row];

public override int GetRowsInComponent(UIPickerView picker, int component)
    return item.Length;

You then set a new instance of this class to your picker view's Model property:

pickerView.Model = new PickerModel();
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thanks dimitris! for your reply it really helpful – Salman Roy Jul 13 '11 at 9:52

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