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I have a problem with plugin AD Gallery for jQuery. When i have a lot of thumbs below the big picture, it's ok, (example - http://triavto.geosurf.ru/cars/chevrolet/aveo_3d/), but when there are only three thumbs I have strange bug with two-lines because of its too small width (example http://triavto.geosurf.ru/cars/ford/mondeo/). I did everything from manual, but I don't know why this plugin calculates so strange width in second example...

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Simplifying the code to below helped me to resolve the issue for 3 thumbnails

var inter = setInterval(

 function () {
  if (thumb_count == thumbs_loaded) {
  var list = context.nav.find('.ad-thumb-list');
  list.css('width', thumb_wrapper_width + 'px');
}, 100);
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