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I have changed the some android phones to ad-hoc mode and let them have the same essid (by using command on each phone:"iwconfig .. essid XXX").In this way they merged in one ad-hoc network and can successfully send udp packets among them.

Next, I want to get nearby phones's RSSI and Mac address in the same ad-hoc network.I try to start wpa_supplicant process and intent to get rssi by scaning(not through android system so android API such as getRssi(), getScanResult() could not be used), but I only get one essid "XXX" which stand for this adhoc network(BSSID) and a fake Mac address .

then I try to modify the command "iwlist" to recompile it on android, I got the same results above..I don't know whether this phenomenon is determined by linux system or wireless driver..

then I try to catch the beacon packets of the phone, I get the correct mac and rssi, but the beacon receiver is under moniter mode not in the ad-hoc mode,thus could not send udp packets to nearby phones..

so what can I do to get each phone's RSSI and Mac address in the same Ad-Hoc network?

thanks a lot!!

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do you get the solution ? –  Hana90 Mar 5 '13 at 15:49
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