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I wanna translate whole socialengine with all plugins including commetchat to Azerbaijani language. I need to change existing folder named "en" or create new one? and how to completely disable timezone selection on signup page? I'm newbie to se, please help me. Thx in advance

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"Question about translation" is a poor question title. Try and think of a title that people will actually want to read about. –  skaffman Jul 13 '11 at 8:28

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No, it is not needed to change folder name - it causes a lot of problems. Just create a new folder - az. It is recommended to create language from admin panel of SocialEngine. Start translate them from admin panel and then just create csv files for each social engine plugin and put into az folder(like csv files in en folder). I recommend to contact developers, maybe they have such translation or can help to find. For example Hire-Experts company helped me to find spanish language for their socialengine plugins.

You can disable timezone field from admin panel, just check Signup settings page under Setting menu.

Good luck!

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