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I have following query:

FROM Projekt p
WHERE p.bewilligungsdatum = to_date('01-07-2000', 'dd-mm-yyyy')

but i have problems to build the conditions. Here my code:

condition = criteriaBuilder.equal((Expression<String>) projekt.get(criterion), "to_date('" + projektSearchField + "', 'dd-mm-yyyy')");

this generate following:

FROM Projekt p 
WHERE p.bewilligungsdatum = 'to_date('01-07-2000', 'dd-mm-yyyy')'

and ufcorse doesn't work. Which method should i use for date comparision (or how to remove the outer ' chars in the pattern part)?

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why don't you try to work with parameters like that. Then you can do the String->Date conversion in java and pass a real java.util.Date to the database.

EntityManager em; // initialized somewhere
Date datum; // initialized somewhere


String queryString = "SELECT p " 
             + "FROM Projekt p"
             + "WHERE p.bewilligungsdatum = :datum";

Query query = em.createQuery(queryString)

query.setParameter("datum", datum);

List<Projekt> projekte = query.getResultList();

This is the way to stay DB independent because your are not using the specific to_date function

viele Grüße aus Bremen ;o)

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The difference is, that i use CriteriaQuery and not Query. I have no query string or similar ;) see similar query here: stackoverflow.com/questions/6660819/… –  cupakob Jul 13 '11 at 8:30

This should work too, by passing a date as parameter of a restriction

Date datum; // initialized somewhere

CriteriaQuery query = ...

query.add(Restrictions.eq( "bewilligungsdatum ", datum );

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nope, no add method for CriteriaQuery... –  cupakob Jul 13 '11 at 8:42

Sorry. I had the hibernate CriteriaQuery in mind.

Then try via the CriteriaBuilder somthing like that

Date datum; // initialized somewhere


final CriteriaQuery<Projekt> query = criteriaBuilder.createQuery(Projekt.class);
final Root<Projekt> projekt = query.from(Projekt.class);

Predicate condition = criteriaBuilder.equals(projekt.get("bewilligungsdatum"),datum);

I did not use this before, so have a try on your own

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in the DB we have a timestamp..."Sat Jul 01 00:00:00 CEST 2000 ". What happens, if the user type "01-07-2009"? –  cupakob Jul 13 '11 at 9:10
This is only a string representation. Be sure that you convert the entered Date in your GUI into a real java.util.Date object. JPA should handle the rest of it. –  powerMicha Jul 13 '11 at 9:12

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