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My question refers to validation in a Model class. I know how to basically do validation, but I've though got a question about it.

I'd like to now if it is possible to use a alias in validation? Because it should display a german message, and mixed up with my English database field name it looks really strange.

So, without an alias my code in the model class would be

public String passwordConfirm;

So password has to equal with passwordConfirm (passwordConfirm = "Bestätigung des Passworts" in German, password="Passwort" :) Which would print, if a error occurs: "Bestätigung des Passworts muss mit password übereinstimmen." (should be "Passwort", not "password")

So do I need to define an alias or something, or how could this work?


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You should be able to use the "message" variable for that, to override the output of the validation.

@Equals({value="password", message="key.to.messages.i18n")

This will let you define the validation messages in I18N files.

Disclaimer: don't have the code here, but it's something like this, beware of typos :P

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thank you pere :) i don't need internationalisation in this case, so i'll just put to the message file, but this solved my problem –  The13thToast Jul 13 '11 at 8:53

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