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I have just spent 2 days with Ruby, and my observation in last two days is that it is very difficult (as compared to say .NET/Java) to find an active forum/blogs which are helpful for Ruby (or maybe I don't know them since I am new).

Which are the most common forums/blogs developers visit when they need help with Ruby (other than Stack Overflow)?

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Some of your best bets are the following IRC channels on Very active.




You can almost always get questions answered in minutes. There is an etiquette to follow, and they can get cranky if you don't follow it, but I think mostly that's because some of the main responders are sitting there for hours answering question after question and they want you to phrase things in a way that allows them to be efficient.

Here are some good blogs:


Jamis Buck's blog (author of Capistrano, works for 37 Signals with DHH)

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The ruby-talk mailing list can be helpful and gets between 70-100 messages a day.

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RailsCasts are fantastic if you're doing Rails.

For just plain Ruby, I just google and find things for the most part.

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There are so many Ruby Blogs that I won't list them here. has lots of posts, and if you are after rails stuff is pretty active, has lot's great ruby books for sale, including Programming Ruby, widely accepted as the first book to learn Ruby with, for better or worse. RubyInside, RufyFlow are great but a good list of blogs at Ruby Learning website and if you need Ruby API docs Ruby Brain, and if you are doing Rails then Rails Brain is good too, although really I have had not rouble turning up Ruby stuff just by searching Google, but stuff should keep you going for a while.

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Shameless plug, but here's a good resource:

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I'll add a couple of blogs that I think are mandatory for any person really interested in Ruby:

One Step Back
has_many :through
On Ruby

There are many more personal blogs that I personally consider interesting but these 4 are good for anyone interested in the language itself.

Besides this, ruby-talk / ruby-forum are good places to hang out and if you need any help you can always access #ruby-lang in

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For Ruby on Rails, I prefer

If you have any RoR question you can use "Ask a Rails Expert" forum and if you want to discuss with other RoR developers you can partcipate in the "Rails in the workplace" forum.

Hope this helps.


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