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I am trying to implemeny the sorting functionality thats shown in the Entity Framework tutorials on the the Asp.net MVC Site, here


For some reason although i can see that the correct query strings are being added to the url, the data is not sorting,

I have the following switch statement in my controller to allow me to sort the data by the customer name or the primary contact name

//Returns a list of all the customers to be displayed on the (Master edit page)
    //- TODO - Implement Paging Functionality
    public ViewResult Index(string sortOrder)
        ViewBag.CustomerNameSortParm = String.IsNullOrEmpty(sortOrder) ? "CustomerName desc" : "";
        ViewBag.PrimaryContactNameSortParm = sortOrder == "PrimaryContactName" ? "PrimaryContactName desc" : "PrimaryContactName";
        var cust = repository.Customers;

        switch (sortOrder)
            case "CustomerName desc":
                cust = repository.Customers.OrderByDescending(s => s.CustomerName);
            case "PrimaryContactName":
                cust = repository.Customers.OrderBy(s => s.PrimaryContactName);
            case "PrimaryContactName desc":
                cust = repository.Customers.OrderByDescending(s => s.PrimaryContactName);
                cust = repository.Customers.OrderBy(s => s.CustomerName);

        return View(repository.Customers.ToList());

Then in the view i have links created for each of the coumn headings

<th class="header">
       @Html.ActionLink("Customer Name", "Index", new { sortOrder=ViewBag.CustomerNameSortParm })
    <th class="header">
      @Html.ActionLink("Contact Name", "Index", new { sortOrder=ViewBag.PrimaryContactNameSortParm })

When i click on the links i can see the query string values in the URL like


But the data is not being sorted, has anyone experienced similar issues, or know where i am going wrong? for some reason the comments at the bottom of the Entity Framework tutorial are not being displayed so i cant see if anyone else has has this issue.

The only difference i can see with my code is that in the tutorial a LINQ query is used in the controller, where i am using the repository and returning my customers from the repository which returns an IQueryable list of customers.

Any advice is appreciated.


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I think your return statement is wrong, it should be -

return View(cust.ToList());

rather than -

return View(repository.Customers.ToList());

You appear to be sorting the data in to the 'cust' variable but then returning a non-sorted collection to your view.

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that was it thanks for the prompt response. –  Liam Jul 13 '11 at 11:05
It's a pleasure - thanks for upvoting and accepting the answer! –  ipr101 Jul 13 '11 at 11:27

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