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Given some packages foo.bar.project.something.FirstModule foo.bar.project.something.SecondModule, etc. They all have that long foo.bar.project.something in common. How do I tell doxygen to hide (or at least shorten) those common package names and only print FirstModule.SomeClass and SecondModule.MyInterface in its output?

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You could set HIDE_SCOPE_NAMES to YES, but that will probably also strip FirstModule and SecondModule.

An alternative is to write a simple input filter (see INPUT_FILTER in the doxygen config file) that replaces "package foo.bar.project.something.AModule;" by "package AModule;". Then you have full control over how much is stripped.

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Yes, that worked! Great, thanks. For the record: INPUT_FILTER = "sed 's/package my.beloved.packages.\(.*\);/package \1;/'" –  craesh Jul 14 '11 at 11:01

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