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I have a class which reads an XML file to create several screens in a Horizontal Page flipper. However, the view content can be different when changing from portrait to landscape or back.

I'd like to save the current selected page so whenever I swap my screen it uses that value again to build up the new orientation screen.

I use a HorizontalPager class which can retrieve current page by getCurrentScreen() (returns an integer) and one to set the page setCurrentScreen(int currentScreen, boolean animate)

So whenever I switch screens, the current page should still be selected, instead of creating the whole thing again and starting from page 1 (0 in the array).

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Save the index of your page before a screen orientation change takes place:

public Object onRetainNonConfigurationInstance() {
    return mIndex;//your index

In onCreate():

Integer index= (Integer) getLastNonConfigurationInstance();

If index is not null, then you have some data saved before the screen orientation changed, and should use it, otherwise ignore it.

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I just slept over my question and solved it myself :)

What I did is:

I made a method called setPager(int pager) that sets my static in Pager to the current page. This method is called from the HorizontalPager class whenever a screen is flipped.

Every time the screen flips, the onCreate() is called, and my HorizontalPager will be set to the value my static int has with a method setPager(int pager).

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