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I need sample code for a school project that involves showcasing/demonstrating stereotypical annoying Flash advertising tactics—for instance: spanning the whole screen, disabling the back button, making you wait before the close button appears, spoofing a virus scan, spawning a ton of popups, etc.

I have to turn in my own Flash source code for this project. I'm new to Flash, though, and I'd really like to find some sample code to work from or even just direct links to .swf files.

Of course, these malicious and intrusive ads are everywhere when one doesn't want them, but now I can't find any good examples. I've spent hours clicking around on the seediest sites: free Viagra, guaranteed lottery winnings, URLs longer than my address bar—the whole gamut, basically.

I'm using Firefox with Adblock to inspect the list of blocked items on each site. I've also been using Firefox's "Page Info" command to inspect for media, but so far the only Flash ads that have been showing up are pretty tame.

So can any of you point me to some obnoxious Flash ads? Anything I can grab with a browser addon like Flashgot would be great. Source code would be ideal, though I don't expect to find that.

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This isn't really a question per se. But I have heard from others of ill-repute that mature sites tend to have the behavior you mentioned.

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"heard from others" haha –  Jason Miesionczek Jul 13 '11 at 12:57
Thanks. I'm still having trouble finding the REALLY aggressive, spammy/scammy ads. Any links to specific sites or .swf files? –  strangeronyourtrain Jul 13 '11 at 21:42

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