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I thought this was going to be very simple but I am really out of options now. I want to substract 15 minutes from a given time.

Example My time is 15:04 I want to substract 15 minutes to be 14:49. I have searched for solutions on the internet but there is no perl module that can help me out.

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You can use DateTime:

my $dt = DateTime->new(
    year   => 1,
    month  => 1,
    day    => 1,
    hour   => 15, 
    minute => 4,

$dt->subtract(minutes => 15);
printf "%d:%d\n", $dt->hour, $dt->minute; # prints 14:49
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And if he's just concerned about time and not dates, he can try Time::Clock –  mpeters Jul 13 '11 at 13:34
I think the above will have solved my problem, the ones below are not using the format I want but the helped me learn a lot. I was able to answer it the following way sub subTime{ my ($time) = @_; my @splittime = split(':', $time); my $hour = $splittime[0]; my $min = $splittime[1]; if($min < 15){ $min=($min+60)-15; $hour-=1; }else{ $min = $min-15; } return "$hour:$min"; } I call this function and its returned the substracted time. Thanks –  The Man Jul 13 '11 at 13:42

Well it all depends on how your time is stored. I prefer to use a time_t as returned by the time built in.

my $now = time();
my $before1 = $now - (15*60);      # 15 minutes ago
my $before2 = $now - (3*60*60);    # 3 hours ago
my $before3 = $now - (2*24*60*60); # 2 days ago

For output I use the POSIX module

print POSIX::strftime( '%Y-%m-%d %T', localtime($before1) );
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Not all days have 24 hours. –  ikegami Jul 13 '11 at 19:06
perl -MClass::Date -e 'my $d=Class::Date->new("2011-07-13 15:04:00"); my $d2 = $d-"15m"; print $d2, "\n";'


2011-07-13 14:49:00

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Try using Date::Calc

use Date::Calc qw(Add_Delta_DHMS); 

($year2, $month2, $day2, $h2, $m2, $s2) = 
Add_Delta_DHMS( $year, $month, $day, $hour, $minute, $second, $days_offset, $hour_offset, $minute_offset, $second_offset );

($y,$m,$d,$H,$M,$S) = Add_Delta_DHMS(Today_and_Now(), 0, 0, -15, 0);
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convert the time to unix time, for example the current time: $unixtime = time(); then subtract 15*60 from it then convert to a nice string with something like

sub display_time {
  my ($sec,$min,$hour,$mday,$mon,$year,undef,undef,undef) = localtime(time);
  $year += 1900;
  $mon += 1;
  return "$year.".sprintf("%02d.%02d %02d:%02d:%02d",$mon,$mday,$hour,$min,$sec);
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