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I like to use either git or svn for my Xcode projects, but need to be able to access them from outside e.g. from another machine somewhere.

So I need a repository somewhere, but I don't want to use any third party service like github.

What do I need to run any of the two on an external rented server (e.g. ruling out one of my machines using dyndns)? Would some web-space somewhere be sufficient? If not, what do I need?

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All you really need is a computer you can ssh into if you don't need to share the repo with anyone else. I use a VPS at Dreamhost for this.

If you really want a Git server, I would recommend using Gitosis which is open source git server software. You can checkout the github repo here. Also, gere are a whole bunch of tutorials to get you started:





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Not Gitosis. Gitosis is outdated and abandoned (though word about that seems to be spreading slowly or not at all). Use Gitolite instead. – Dan Ray Jul 13 '11 at 13:01

You could do it using dropbox as supposed in this question: Git with Dropbox

A detailed guide is provided in this answer: Using git+dropbox together effectively?

The main advantage of dropbox is, that you don't need a box you can ssh into, instead you use dropbox as repo storage... And – not to forget – if you can deal with the basic account (up to 2 GB storage), it's free. Even the Pro package for 100 GB is quite affordable.

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