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I've created a Windows Forms application that basically contains an HttpListener which launch a Form for each request. I have to show forms server side because I have to take a snapshot of what it's shown on the screen to send it to the client. I've also made a asp.net web application in which I show those images sent from the HttpListener who act as a server. Everything works fine on my machine but now that I must deploy it on my company's website I dont know how to do it, anyone has a solution? I haven't remote control on server, I can just upload files inside using FTP. What if I create a page inside my web application to launch the exe file? Any suggestion is really welcome!

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It really sounds like you need to rethink your architecture - what you're describing sounds like a nightmare. What is it that you are rendering on a form that needs to be snapshot? –  The Evil Greebo Jul 13 '11 at 12:41
Something that use OpenGL, so I can take snapshot once it appears on the screen. So one clear thinig is that I must show winForm, and it's not the only cause I have also to capture commands from web request to do something to refresh the screen, that's why I used an HttpListener! It's a nightmare anyway :) If you have any idea to redesign this please share it with me! –  JasonMenny Jul 13 '11 at 12:46
Why do you need to take a snapshot to begin with? No hosted provider with a brain will allow you to launch EXE files on their web server, so just what are you doing that cannot be done on the client side? –  The Evil Greebo Jul 13 '11 at 12:50
I know it's gonna difficult to have the right permission to operate but with all these requirements I didnt find another solution, as i said Im really open to any suggestion to improve or redesign my application. –  JasonMenny Jul 13 '11 at 13:06

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I'm definitely no OpenGL expert but I believe that its possible to use OpenGL to render a scene without displaying it to a screen. Some preliminary research indicates that "pbuffers" allow you to render an image to a texture (which would presumably then allow for programatic access).

Can i save an OpenGL scene as an image without showing it?

Note that using OpenGL probably depends on the server machine having a suitable graphics card. As most servers don't come with very capable graphics card (some servers don't come with any graphics card) this is definitely something that you should check beforehand.

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