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I am using Telerik components for ASP.NET MVC 3. Problem is extension method output differ for current culture. For example if i use en-Us for current culture and everything works ok but if i changed it to tr-TR then some of editor components doesn't work as expected. For example t-insertImage class on div is changing to t-ınsertImage.

//i am changing culture like this.
Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture = new CultureInfo("tr-TR");

Then simply using


And now some of editor tools doesnt work. Try insert image.

I tried to Globalization and Encode methods parameters to true and false but still same problem.

How can i fix it ?

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I guess we didn't pass the Turkey test :)

Thanks for the heads up, we're currently working on the issue and will provide a fix in the next internal build. You can fix it in your version of the source by patching the ToCamelCase method in StringExtensions.cs to use ToLowerInvariant, like so:

public static string ToCamelCase(this string instance)
    Guard.IsNotNullOrEmpty(instance, "instance");

    return instance[0].ToString().ToLowerInvariant() + instance.Substring(1);
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