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I have a problem executing some stored procedures/functions in INFORMIX DB. I tried with different clients and they were all the same - no one detects errors on executing, instead of this - return empty responses. And this does not work for me.

Finally, I found that PERL DBI has the option to set RaiseError, something like:

{  PrintError => 0, RaiseError => 1 }

And this works perfect. But is there such equivalent (I couldn't find anything, unfortunately) for the unixODBC C API lib?

In addition: I tried the same query with isql and it's the same! No errors, just empty result :\ Maybe it could be some option, that should be configured (in odbc.ini, I guess..) ?

EDIT: Okay, here are some more details:
Version: unixODBC 2.3.0

set debug file to '/home/directory_does_not_exists/unknown.log';
trace off;
trace on;
trace off;
return 'result is set here';

set debug file to '/home/directory_does_not_exists/unknown.log';
trace off;
trace on;
LET pDummy = 2;
trace off;

And the results from isql and ODBC C API are the same. Here's more info about the C API:

Executing: execute procedure NOK_proc_k(1)
retcode = SQL_ERROR     SQL_SUCCEEDED( retcode ) = 0
Executing: execute function NOK_func_k()
retcode = SQL_SUCCESS       SQL_SUCCEEDED( retcode ) = 1
Executing: execute function NOK_proc_k(1)
retcode = SQL_ERROR     SQL_SUCCEEDED( retcode ) = 0
Executing: execute procedure NOK_func_k()
retcode = SQL_SUCCESS       SQL_SUCCEEDED( retcode ) = 1
Executing: call NOK_proc_k(1)
retcode = SQL_ERROR     SQL_SUCCEEDED( retcode ) = 0
Executing: call NOK_func_k()
retcode = SQL_SUCCESS       SQL_SUCCEEDED( retcode ) = 1

All calls to SQLMoreResults return SQL_NO_DATA, all SQLFetch return SQL_ERROR.

Summary - all calls to wrong procedures are fine - error is returned. But if this error is in stored function - no error is detected; instead of this - EMPTY string is returned. Outch!

SQL_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO is not returned anywhere. And it's like this for many other errors (not all, of course, that's just an example here)

And even more! Procedure or function like:

CREATE PROCEDURE "test".nok_proc_k_2() RETURNING LVARCHAR(1000);
DEFINE vNotDefined VARCHAR(10);
LET vNotDefined = current;

Does not return any error, while a Aqua DB studio returns

Converted value does not fit into the allotted space


I'll accept bohica'S answer, as it's correct and it answers right about the PERL DBI part. Also, he really helped me (the hit with strace).

Anyway, the real solution is not here. I have posted it in the related question, that is more specific and isolated about the particular case: The same error is detected in stored **procedure**, but not in stored **function**

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I cannot tell what is supposed to work and what isn't. All your procs and funcs are named nok_something. Calling nok_func_k() seems to return a success - fine, but executing procedure nok_func_k() succeeds and yet there is no such procedure? Also "if this error is in stored function - EMPTY string is returned" - where? if a function/procedure errors surely you don't expect them to return actual values. I cannot help any further without a specific example of what procedure/function you have, how you called it, what happened and what you expected. –  bohica Jul 27 '11 at 8:37
@bohica - I have posted the NOK_func_k and NOK_proc_k bodies.. One of them is procedure, the other is function. I have posted how they are created. Also, I have posted how they are executed: Executing: .... + the results. I don't understand what more information I should post.. NOK_proc_k is procedure with error inside. And the error is detected, so I don't expect it to return anything. As you have quoted me - "if this error is in stored function - EMPTY string is returned" - see, I'm talking about FUNCTION, so, I mean nok_func_k. –  Kiril Kirov Jul 27 '11 at 9:34
@bohica - The one, that succeeds all the time is nok_func_k and it's a function, not a procedure. But it has the same body, as the procedure (NOK_proc_k), it's just declared as function and returns a string. Note how NOK_func_k has e return at the end: return 'result is set here';. And as the error is not detected, SQLExecute returns SQL_SUCCESS and the returned string is NOT "result is set here", but it's "". Which part I don't explain ok..? :\ –  Kiril Kirov Jul 27 '11 at 9:38
Also, executing call NOK_func_k() from Aqua Data Studio and the same fro PERL DBI, the error is detected: Cannot open DEBUG file for SPL routine trace. .. –  Kiril Kirov Jul 27 '11 at 9:42
@bohica - you can see my related question - stackoverflow.com/questions/6843403/… It's more clear (or at least I hope so), it's isolated and without unnecessary information. –  Kiril Kirov Jul 27 '11 at 11:16

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All that RaiseError in Perl does is say that when a DBD, like DBD::ODBC sees an error DBI will call any registered error handlers and call die with that error (depending on what the error handler returned). It is still up to the DBD to signal the error to DBI via set_err method.

I presume your Perl was using DBD::ODBC. DBD::ODBC will simply check the return status of every ODBC API it calls and if it is SQL_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO it calls DBIs set_err saying it is a warning and if it is !SQL_SUCCEEDED it calls set_err saying there is an error (there are some exceptions like SQL_NO_DATA which is not always an error).

If you are saying your Perl dies with the error you are expecting but your C code does not then you must not be checking an ODBC API return or perhaps (since you mention procedures) you are not ensuring you call SQLMoreResults in a loop after SQLExecute on the SQL to call the procedure. Bear in mind some databases execute each insert/select/update in a procedure one at a time and in ODBC you need to call SQLMoreResults to move through each one. If you don't do that your procedure had not completed and hence you may not have hit the error.

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Well, I tried with SQLExecDirect and SQLExecute and both return SQL_SUCCESS :( So, respectively, SQL_SUCCEEDED(SQLExecute( stmt )) returns true :\ That's what worries me, But I haven't tried SQLMoreResults yet. –  Kiril Kirov Jul 13 '11 at 13:53
It's interesting, that executing the same with isql does not give me any errors, again. So, I guess it could be some configurable option? –  Kiril Kirov Jul 13 '11 at 13:56
isql does not call SQLMoreResults –  bohica Jul 13 '11 at 14:53
If you want I could show you what DBD::ODBC does ODBC-wise. Just set DBI_TRACE=15=x.log and export it then rerun your Perl. You'll get loads out that will give you a clue. Alternatively, assuming you are using unixODBC driver manager you can enable tracing of all ODBC calls in that. –  bohica Jul 13 '11 at 14:54
"isql does not call SQLMoreResults" - Yes it does –  Nick Gorham Jul 13 '11 at 17:23

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