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I m using menu items which are given in vaadin menu demo example ,on click of each menu item i m showing notification message, but my requrement is i have to open new class on click of submenu item some one give me demo example in vaadin how open new window on click of menu item

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Here's a short example showing how I open another top-level window in Vaadin. You have to supply a unique name for the window (the setName call). Then you call Vaadin to find the URL for the newly created window, and then open it. In this case "window" is a variable that holds my primary application window.

reportWindow = injector.getInstance(GeneralReportWindow.class);


try {
    URI reportURI = reportWindow.getURL().toURI();
    URL windowURL = new URI(reportURI.getScheme(), 
        reportURI.getUserInfo(), reportURI.getHost(), 
        reportURI.getPort(), reportURI.getPath(), "report=overview", null).toURL(); ExternalResource(windowURL, "_new"));
} catch (Exception e) {
    log.warn("Unable to create report window", e);
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hi thanks for giving me sample code please can you give me some more details of code i m finding difficult in implementing ,if you provide me example it is great help full for me –  vinayaka Jul 18 '11 at 11:48

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