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Is there any online repository exist for .NET reusable controls?


I am asking this question because I have few reusable component with me, which I have developed, with source code. I don't want to write blog for each of them and even I don't want my developers friend, on internet, to get the DLL only with no source code.

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may be something like user controls which has source code with them. –  Chris Jul 13 '11 at 13:41

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Official WPF / WinForms web site control gallery:


ASP.NET Control Gallery:


CodeProject has a search facility for sorting content about controls (note the left-hand nav bar):


CodePlex tends to house lots of .NET related things:


Namely the Silverlight / WP7 Control Toolkits, and perhaps a WPF toolkit.

Then there is, some many say, the grand-daddy of them all:


(Apologies for the sarcasm, I just had to :-)

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There's NuGet package manager for visual studio. Other than that, you can browse online for OS projects hosted on sites like CodePlex, althought most of them are already integrated in NuGet.

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