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Moving from android to java me ?, I have some lite knowledge of providers, activity , services and so on in android, but no clue how the things work in java me, how is the interprocess communication and so on, what are the similar things for activity, services... is there services at all ? Do I have sqlite database for storage ? is there preferences in java me when we build application for example for blackberry

and of course is it smart to move from android to java me ?, I guess is not cause many people are moving in reverse direction, but the thing is I got offer to start working with java me, I got 1 month to think if I take that

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This operation would require a lot of work, because all these things won't work

  • The application design (Android offer Activity, Services, etc.)
  • Relying on other applications (Intents)
  • The UI (android widgets, UI declaration in XML)
  • Application resources (R.*)
  • Accessing device resources (wifi, gps, etc.)
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