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I'm extremely new to coding and I'm reading a book on it. And I think I have the basics down on this little test project I'm doing, but whenever I test the page I just see the code I used. Here's the entirety of my code.

<script type = "text/javascript">;
    // from concat.html

    var person = "" ;
    person = prompt( "What is your name?") ;
    alert("Hi there, ") + person + "!");

Honestly I don't know what the CDATA is for or what concat.html is.

How can I get Firefox to run my JavaScript rather than just show the code?

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Try wrapping it in <html> to make the whole page get treated as HTML. Does the file have a .js extention, by any chance?

CDATA is to distinguish code from markup.

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I'm making this file from scratch, I believe it was started as a .js though, I'll double check to make sure. Thanks a ton for the quick response –  William Jul 13 '11 at 15:11

Put it in an HTML file.

So, first, save it as scriptname.html - you're embedding JavaScript within an HTML file.

Next, make it valid html - add <html> to the top and </html> to the bottom. And <head> and <body> tags where appropriate - if you don't know what those are, head over to any HTML site to look them up (www.diveintohtml5.org is nice, if you can follow it.)

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Better install Firebug plugin for Firefox or use other browser's Javascript console. It will allow you to run your code http://www.w3resource.com/web-development-tools/execute-JavaScript-on-the-fly-with-Firebug.php

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