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I have code like this:

  var url = "/accounts/profile/update_thing/" + $(this).parent().attr('id') + "/",
  $.getJSON(url, function(data){
var items = []

  $.each(data, function(key, val) {
    items.push('<li id="' + key + '">' + val + '</li>');

  $('<ul/>', {
    'class': 'my-new-list',
    html: items.join('')
});  })  

And Chrome code spectrator saying that i have Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token . in line 4. But I don't know why. Does someone knows what is about?

Ps. Is it normal that I haven't text editor on this site?

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I suggest commenting out portions of code until you don't see the SyntaxError anymore; its as simple as process of elimination. –  meder Jul 13 '11 at 15:03
No, it'is not normal. You can indent your code manually with four spaces at the start of a line. You seem to have managed formatting properly in your previous questions (though please stop writing tags in your titles!) –  Lightness Races in Orbit Jul 13 '11 at 15:03

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var url = "/accounts/profile/update_thing/" + $(this).parent().attr('id') + "/",
  $.getJSON(url, function(data){

...is clearly wrong. Did you mean ; on the first line?

If you indent your code properly then mistakes will be easier to spot.

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When I remove comma error disappear, but now i just getting "Error in event handler for 'undefined': TypeError: Cannot call method 'replace' of undefined". Could it be because of I don't have DOM elements specified in my jQuery code? –  Cris Jul 13 '11 at 15:14
@Cris: This is a separate issue. I don't know what line you're getting that error on, but I do notice that you never check the validity of data. Perhaps you can abstract out the AJAX request and demonstrate the issue in jsfiddle. –  Lightness Races in Orbit Jul 13 '11 at 15:21

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