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I see a lot of sites showing this, but on Groupon in particular for a merchant, they will show Reviews from CitySearch, Yelp (I think), TripAdviser, Open Table, Frommers, etc.

Do all these sites provide API's? I can't find them or would Groupon be scraping the sites?

Any ideas how to get this same type of data?


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Basically all the sites you've listed have API's to allow for various bits of information to be extracted, for example Trip Advisors can be found here: http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/help/what_is_an_api

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I suggest you give Needlebase a try. A free account gives the public access to your scrapped data, but its a great tool.


How to use it/Example:


Note: Get permission from the site before hand/ check the laws in your country regarding scraping.

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