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i have a database in MySQL who i query from a php script. Now i want to run the same aplication but in local (without the php script, the mysql and whitout the server). I develop the IDE of the new app using flash (AS3), now the think is that i need to migrate the data base too.

I was thinking using SQLite wich is great because it use the same commands that mysql and is local, but i really dont know how to make querys from AS3 to sqlite whitout using php. I was also thinking to develop a simple script who read my actual data base (mysql) and parse all the data to a new XML file who then i can read from the new IDE develop in flash, the problem is, that in this way i have to write all the code for the querys, i mean, when i use php+mysql and i need all the data WHERE reef=2 i just make a simple query, but with the new hypothetical schema flash+xml to make a simple query like that i have to write a lot of code if you know what i mean.

So, if you have any ideas let me know, remember that im developing in AS3 with FLASH. Thanks!

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If it's okay to have an AIR application as result you could use SQLite with AIR. –  DanielB Jul 13 '11 at 15:50

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adobe air is the only way you can achive this on a local computer.

here some snippets:

// connect to SQLite
var file:File = preferences.resolvePath("data.db");
var sqlConnection:SQLConnection = new SQLConnection();

// prepare statement to find photos in album
var stmtFindPhotosToAlbum:SQLStatement = new SQLStatement();
stmtFindPhotosToAlbum.sqlConnection = sqlConnection;
stmtFindPhotosToAlbum.text = "SELECT * FROM photos WHERE album_id = :album_id";

// execute query
stmtFindPhotosToAlbum.parameters[":album_id"] = 'albumId';

// get result
var photos:Array = stmtFindPhotosToAlbum.getResult().data;
var photoVos:Array = [];
if (photos != null && photos.length > 0)
  for(var i:int = 0;i<photos.length;i++)
    // ...
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