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Our design department gave me a code to add to a page and I am kind of new to the design part of it and stuff... but is this a valid tag and what does it mean <--if subcontent add rel="test1"-->. Is this somthing that I can just leave like that (it is evaluating correctly as it is) or do I actually need to do something so that that part does something?

<li class="test1"><a href="" <!-- if subcontent add rel="test1" -->>test 1</a></li>
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Oh ok, so i guess I need to see if there is subcontent and if so I should plug in a "rel="blah". Thank you guys –  user710502 Jul 13 '11 at 16:11

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the browser may display correctly, but the w3c says it's invalid the right way must be:

<li class="test1">
  <!-- if subcontent add rel="test1" to the anchor ie:<a rel="text"> -->
  <a href="#">test 1</a>
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You can use the W3 validation service to determine whether your html is valid. This tests entire pages, not single lines.


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What's with the downvote? Teach a man to fish, no? –  mrtsherman Jul 13 '11 at 16:03

Are you asking what the <!-- --> tags are? If so they are html comments it probably shouldn't be left inside the a tag.

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Absolutely not. The correct version would have the comment outside of the a tag:

<li class="test1"><a href=""><!-- if subcontent add rel="test1" -->test 1</a></li>
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this looks like an HTML comment!

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Anything within <!-- --> are comments and are compleatly ignored by the browser. Its for human use only. Have a look here at what the rel tag does

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