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I have been working on a new template for a commerce site running zen cart. This is my first experience making one, and it was going pretty smooth until now. Basically, zen cart's default wording is still in place and I cannot seem to figure out why. For example, on the breadcrumbs, instead of displaying the proper page, I get: HEADER_TITLE_CATALOG :: Login and the title of the page is: <title>LoginPRIMARY_SECTIONTITLETERTIARY_SECTIONSITE_TAGLINE</title>

This is happening throughout the site. I have placed all the necessary header files, and the tpl body page is essentially the same as the default. I am hoping there is a specific solution to this. I can only imagine the page where the php definitions are happening is not being included. Could anyone point me in the correct direction? Thanks.

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Found the issue. Was missing the Languages folder outside of my template folder. Names game this the same name as my template and copied the files from the default template.

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