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I’m working on a project composed of two Python packages. foo contains some common business logic and foo.webapp contains a Django app providing an API over it. Module foo.tests contains unittest cases for the common logic, and foo.webapp.tests for the API. Plus there’s a Django project for running the API. So it looks like this:



I want to keep foo.tests separate from foo.webapp.tests, so when I do django_project/ test, it should only run the latter. But I also want a way to run both test suites together, with one progress bar, one fail count etc. Can I accomplish this, and if yes, how?

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I wrote a custom Django test runner along the lines of django-alltestsrunner (but instead of discovering the tests automatically, I specify a list of modules in settings).

Now, when I do django_project/ test, it runs all the tests. When I do django_project/ test foo.webapp.tests, it runs only the API tests.

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The link to github is dead. – Vebjorn Ljosa Nov 18 '11 at 13:31

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