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Here is my code...

<cfheader name="Content-Type" value="text/xml">  
<response showresponse="true" status="success">  
<ide handlerfile="deploySvnPart2.cfm">  
<dialog width="550" height="500" title="Amend Contents of Temp Dir"/>  
<input name="go" Label="Checked"  type="boolean" />

<cfsavecontent variable="moo" > 
<p style="color:black;">Any HTML content</p>  
<input name="go" Label="#len(moo)#"  type="boolean" />

When the user is shown this page they only get the 2 inputs showing, but not the contents of the body tag.

This is contained in a .cfm page and is shown upon the user making some initial chocies from the first screen (defined in the idg_config.xml)

Is there any reason the contents of the body tag wouldnt show up?

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1 Answer

Have you tried it without the CDATA block? In the examples I see the developer did not use a CDATA block.

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Thanks Jason. Ill try it, sorry i havent got back earlier. –  AdiFatLady Oct 23 '11 at 15:32
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