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So i need to parse thing like this :

commit e397a6e988c05d6fd87ae904303ec0e17f4d79a2
Author: Name <>
Date:   Sat Jul 9 21:29:10 2011 +0400

    commit message

 1 files changed, 21 insertions(+), 11 deletions(-)

and get Author name and number of insertions and deletions.

For the name i have this:

re.findall(r"Author: (.+) <",gitLog)

For the numbers i have this:

re.findall(r" (\d+) insertions\S+, (\d+) deletions",gitLog)

But i want to get a list of tuples of name,insertions and delitions with one regular-expression.

I tryed to do somthing like

re.findall(r"Author: (.+) <.+ (\d+) insertions\S+, (\d+) deletions",gitLog,re.DOTALL)

but it returns nothing...

So what is my mistake? How regular-expression should look like?

UPADTE: wRAR is right, but somehow when i read i file and try to parse it i get the whole file as a name , and then last insertion and deletion, so it matches the whole file but not a single commit... [.+] gets the whole file but not a part of a commit...

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If you have access to the repo and not some text dump of git log, save yourself the parsing trouble and generate different log output:

git log --pretty="%an" --numstat

Will produce output of the form:

Author Name

lines_inserted lines_deleted modified_file

Which you don't even need regex for. If you want to keep with regex, you need to match the (+) after insertions or else it will not match at all and not capture the numbers.

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You should use (directly or by borrowing the code) existing packages such as GitPython, but about your regex question, the provided regex for the provided text returns [('Name', '21', '11')] so I suppose it is right.

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So the answer to my question is :

re.findall(r"Author: (\S+) <.+\n.+\n\n.+\n\n.+ (\d+) insertions\S+, (\d+) deletions",gitLog)

But thanks for you answers anyway.

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