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I have data in an SQL table:

name      | size
database  | 100
database2 | 50
database3 | 300

and I have matching backup files of these data bases:


Essentially what I need to do is load the file, compare the file name to make sure the sql name matches the file name, then see if the size of the file is equal to the file size stored in sql.

Currently I've loaded the entire sql database in an html string so that its contents can be emailed to myself. I don't know how to begin doing the aforementioned comparison.

Here's how I created the string, if this helps:

for (int i = 0; i <= 8; i++)
    if (!myReader.IsDBNull(i))
        if (i == 0 || i == 1 || i == 2)
            emailMessage += "<td>" + myReader.GetString(i) + "</td>";
        else if (i == 3 || i == 4 || i == 5)
            emailMessage += "<td>" + myReader.GetDateTime(i).ToString() +"</td>";
        else if (i == 6 || i == 7)
            emailMessage += "<td>" + myReader.GetDecimal(i).ToString() + "</td>";
            emailMessage += "<td>" + myReader.GetInt32(i).ToString() + "</td>";
        emailMessage += "<td></td>";
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You could load the data containing databases and their size in List<KeyValuePair<string,int>> for example. You could then use FileInfo to find file size by calling its Length() method. You could then search in the List to find the element whose name is equal to the string or substring of the file name, then you could compare the size.

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