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I am working in software development from last 5 years, now i need to manage a newly started project. The project is web application and will be developed in Asp.Net and C#. Since i am managing first project so i only need to know what document should i need to maintain/prepare from project management prospective e.g gant chart etc. I only know the name of gant chart so i mention here. So if there are some other documents then please also let me know. Note: I am finished with requirement gathering and analysis, and since i am developing from last five year so i have software design in my my the thing only lacking is the project management prospective coz i never did that before.

Seconldy please help in chossing the appropriate tool for creating respective documents.

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Requirement gathering and analysis are never really finished, at least until the project is finished or canceled. –  Don Roby Jul 13 '11 at 18:04

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this is a rather subjective question, and there will be many different opinions amoungst the SO community, so here is mine:

The types of documentation required normally depend on the scale and requirements (read; budget, team size etc etc.) of the project. There's no hard and fast rule that says you should have x and y documents before you start. That being said, I normally like to work from some form of Functional specification. This can be produced to various degree's of detail, and again, will depend on the project you are working on, but in general will provide you with some form of description of the actual functionality of the end result you want to get to. This is normally adequate for small projects with one or two developers working closely together.

As your team size grows and the split of work between disparate team members, or even disconnected teams, in turn grows, you will need more detailed forms of documentation that define the requirements of the system from a technical stand point. These can include things like UML modelling documents (Use cases, Collaboration Diagrams etc.) and serve to guide disconnected teams so they don't end up doing something that another developer or team cannot use.

So, at the end of the day, it depends - on your team size, on your project requirements, on the team members and skills, on the scope and duration of the project etc etc. - am sure you get the idea :-)

Anyway, I hope this helps in some way, even through I haven't strictly given you "the answer" as it's a very subjective thing and you are unlikely (IMO) to find a right or wrong answer to this question.


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You should prepare some basic documets such as

Project Management plan Project team plan Scope of work plan Quality Assu. Plan Risk plan Finacial plan Above are the some basic plan required for a new projects

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