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I'm having an issue with how Hibernate generates foreign key names when using the TABLE_PER_CLASS inheritance strategy: Foreign keys have random number appended when using Hibernate's TABLE_PER_CLASS inheritance

So I'm wondering if I can simply replace the annotation with the following:

@Inheritance(strategy = InheritanceType.TABLE_PER_CLASS)
abstract class Item {
    private Organization org

That way I always know to go back to the generated DDL and replace all occurrences of CHANGEME. Does Hibernate do anything else with the @ForeignKey attribute that I'm not aware of or is this a good workaround?

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Possible, you could redefine such behavior via own Naming staretgy -, java.lang.String, java.lang.String, java.lang.String) ?

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Great, thanks! Do you know btw if my assumption is correct (@ForeignKey is only used by HBM2DDL)? – Abdullah Jibaly Jul 16 '11 at 20:16

That's correct, @ForeignKey is only used by HBM2DDL (or its little brother that generate a domain model from an existing database but you are not using that it seems).

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