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In the example from the akka 1.1 documentation on composing futures, I'm wondering how it's possible to programmatically set the timeout of the generated future. I'm aware that I can adjust the global timeout in akka.conf, but I want to do it in place only for this piece of code.

The example code looks as follows

val f1 = actor1 !!! msg1
val f2 = actor2 !!! msg2

val f3 = for {
   a: Int    <- f1
   b: Int    <- f2
   c: String <- actor3 !!! (a + b)
} yield c

val result = f3.get()

Am I right that akka creates a total of four futures in this example?

  • One for each message send to actor1, 2 and 3
  • One to wrap these three futures

It's easy to change the timeouts in the first case, e.g.

val f1 = actor1 !!! (msg1, 15000)  // sets timeout to 15 seconds

but how can I Set the timeout for the wrapping future? Any ideas?

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There would actually be 6 futures total I believe, the 3 you got from the actors, and 1 for each flatMap/map method.

The timeout for the 3 actor futures are set just like you stated, but the 3 wrapper futures will inherit the timeout from the future on the right hand side of each section of the for-comprehension. However, the returned future will use the timeout of the first future in the for-comprehension.

For Akka 2.0 this will change to allow an implicit timeout to be specified, as long as no issues pop up during testing.

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Thanks, that was the information I needed. So until Akka 2.0 is released I'll increase the timeout of the first future. This works for my purpose, although setting it explicitly would be nicer. – Steffen Jul 14 '11 at 8:49

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