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String Ranking Algorithm in mySQL

Quicksilver Scoring Algorithms

PHP Port
Javascript Port
MySql Port (oh No link) that's my issue Keep Reading

Example Usage:

score("hello world","axl") //=> 0.0  
score("hello world","ow") //=> 0.6  
score("hello world","hello world") //=> 1.0

Ok so my question lies here. As awesome as these are, And thank you to those who make it possible! I would love for a mysql way of doing this. Database aren't my area of expertise but if I wanted to do this in just MySQL, how would i do it? AND Should I, is there a better way?.

My thinking on this is as such.

Real Life Example:

I have 14000+ records in my database. A table of "ICD9" Medical Codes which has a medical code and a description.



I'm doing a jQuery ajax call to a php function.

 $query = $this->db->query("SELECT code, code_text FROM codes WHERE MATCH (code,code_text) AGAINST ('" .$q. "')");

This works and that's fine. But My true hearts desire is to use the Scoring Algorithm!

Now Correct me if I'm wrong and I very well could be so I would be shocked if you do :)

I think it is a very expensive process to search 14000+ records. (even with a min-value of 2 characters) by using jQuery autocomplete. (and that might not sit well with some because like i said "Database aren't my area of expertise")

So Here is what I would love to know. Would it be worth someones time that knew MySQL and make a MySQL function score that would be the equivlent of

Select code, code_text, score("hello world","ow") from ICD9_codes

If you have any Pros or Cons to the Idea would love to hear? or know of a better way :)


  • A native way for MySQL to have a search algorithm


  • If I don't have control of the database I can't add a mysql function score() (which would leave me where I was before to do it in php or javascript)

At this time would slip in there (Stackoverflow is Awesome!!! amazing community!) Thanks, Dustin

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I guess this isn't the right question. – Dustin Woodard Oct 26 '11 at 20:08
select code, code_text, match(code,code_text) against('inputstring') as score
from ICD9_codes

it's taken from MySQL 5.0 Reference Full-Text Search Functions section

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