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I know that it is against Apple's iOS Human Interface Guidelines to have a picker view extend all the way across the screen on an iPad so that it is touching both sides. Is this the same case for date pickers?

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Err, yea, seeing as they are basically the same thing. Remember though the HIG is not a set of rules, they are guidelines. If you think a full-width picker makes sense for your app do it.

IMO, I cannot think of a reason to use a full-width picker on iPad. It would look quite ugly. Your better off showing the UIDatePicker in a popover. What are you trying to achieve?

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It's fine, I got an answer somewhere else, so thanks for your help. I remember about a year ago they REJECTED my app because it had a full length picker, from side to side. And I was extremely confused because in the XIB file, when you drag a picker view to the view, IT AUTOMATICALLY resizes to the entire width. That's a bug in Apple's program that's encouraging you to break the guidelines! –  Jack Humphries Jul 14 '11 at 14:02

An excerpt from the iOS Human Interface Guidelines:

On iPad, present a date and time picker only within a popover. A date and time picker is not suitable for the main screen.


The overall size of a date and time picker is fixed at the same size as the iPhone keyboard.

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