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Currently I have a complex association in CakePHP that I'm not being able to solve out.

I have these models:

  • List (id, name)
  • Referrals (id, name, email)
  • List_Users (join_table: id, referral_id, user_id)
  • Users (id, name, email).

The relationships are:

  • Lists <- HABTM -> Lists_Users <- HABTM -> Users
  • Referrals belongsto Lists
  • Lists hasMany Referrals

*Users are registered users, referrals are just friends that they recommend to this list. The system contains many different lists.

What I'm trying to do is setup a showList function in Lists controller to show up all Users and Referrals linked to this list. I have tried using this as the controller at first, but no success:

function showList() {
    $this->List->recursive = 2;
    $this->set('listas', $this->paginate());

How can I possibly make this association work and show all data needed?

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You're not assigning results of your finds to variables. Is this a mistake in question, or in your code? –  lxa Jul 13 '11 at 20:56
It was a mistake. I have managed to fix the problem, just need to wait 8h after question being posted to post the reply with the fix. –  gusfune Jul 14 '11 at 0:59

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Your List_Users model should be ListsUsers (plural lists, and camel-case, not underscore.)

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After breaking my own head, it seems I found the awnser to my own question! The correct function would be:

function showList($id = null) {
    $this->List->recursive = 0;
    if (!$id) {
        $this->Session->setFlash(__('Invalid', true));
        $this->redirect(array('action' => 'index'));
    else {
    $this->set('list', $this->List->read(null, $id));
    $this->set('users', $this->List->User->find('all',
            'fields' => array('id','name', 'email'),
            'order' => 'name ASC'  
    $this->set('referrals', $this->List->Referral->find('all',
            'fields' => array('id','name', 'email'),
            'order' => 'name ASC'  
    $this->set('lists', $this->paginate());
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