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I'm looking to drill down on a multivalued field that contains (space) delimited list of words; but still returning facets at each step of the drill-down.

Example Table
ID, Properties (multivalued field)
1, "Yellow Green Square"
2, "Yellow Round Purple"
3, "Yellow Purple"
4, "Green" - Doesn't really matter, just showing there are properties that don't contain Yellow.

I am able to drill down on the first property ("Yellow"), and have the the following properties return, via facet:
Yellow (3) - Omitted From Display; but returned regardless
Purple (2)
Green (1)
Round (1)
Square (1)

And the following results returned: 1, 2, 3

So what I expect is that if I apply the second property ("Purple"), I get the following:
Purple (2) - Omitted From Display; but returned regardless
Yellow (2) - Omitted From Display; but returned regardless
Round (1)

And the following results returned: 2, 3

The issue we're running into is that once the 2nd facet property is applied, we get the results we are expecting; but all the facets disappear (even ones outside of the property facet).

I'd like to be able to drill down to a single record; which in this case would to apply "Round", and getting record ID 2.

Any help would be greatly appreciate; the documentation solr hasn't really helped (nor have any of the books).

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(space) is a bit of a weird one in solr. any chance you can separate with e.g. dash (-)? then you could query e.g "fieldName:*-purple*" to get all facets with 2nd level purple – Dave Archer Jul 13 '11 at 21:08
No facets are returned after 2 property facets are applied (the raw url, running Zend Framework is: The url is set up to translate duplicate keys into an array. – Typhon Jul 14 '11 at 18:57

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