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I have a movieclip, let's call it "myMC", that is very long (5,000 frames) over the course of which many dozens of nested movieclips are added/removed as children to/from "myMC".

Without reference to the nested clips, is there a way I can add a listener to myMC and listen for when an object is added/removed from it (something along the lines of Event.ADDED)?

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Event.ADDED and Event.REMOVED will help you out.

Thise events are bubbling, so it's not necessary to listen to immediate parent. You can catch these events in any display ancestor, like the example below shows.

import flash.events.Event;
import flash.display.Sprite;

var onAdded:Function = function (event:Event) : void
    // event.target references the display object being added
    trace(event.type +": '" + event.target.name+"'");

var onRemoved:Function = function (event:Event) : void
    // event.target references the display object being removed
    trace(event.type+": '" + event.target.name+"'");

addEventListener(Event.ADDED, onAdded);
addEventListener(Event.REMOVED, onRemoved);

var container:Sprite = new Sprite();
container.name = 'Container here'

var test:Sprite = new Sprite();
test.name = "I am the one!";

added: 'Container here'
added: 'I am the one!'
removed: 'I am the one!'
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Yes you can. Just add an event listener for Event.ADDED to your parent MovieClip. When children are added, the ADDED events will bubble up and invoke your handler. You can read the event.target property from your handler to retrieve the particular child instances.

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