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I have a html version of the Oracle Statspack report. I am trying to interpret the data on the report to extract a number of different values but I'm not sure where to look. In particular, I am trying to find

  • the number of queries to the database
  • the number of commits
  • the number of rollbacks
  • writes into the database
  • the number of sessions
  • the amount of network traffic
  • initial volume
  • volume increase rate

Anyone with any idea as how to get these values as they are not obvious from the html? Sorry, I can't share the html.

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That information should all be in the load profile section at the very top of the Statspack report. Taking this sample report as an example

Load Profile
~~~~~~~~~~~~                            Per Second       Per Transaction
                                   ---------------       ---------------
                  Redo size:             71,177.49              4,528.86
              Logical reads:             38,275.00              2,435.35
              Block changes:                419.22                 26.67
             Physical reads:              6,416.62                408.27
            Physical writes:                123.09                  7.83
                 User calls:              1,448.24                 92.15
                     Parses:                467.38                 29.74
                Hard parses:                  0.41                  0.03
                      Sorts:                475.13                 30.23
                     Logons:                  7.20                  0.46
                   Executes:              2,101.90                133.74
               Transactions:                 15.72

  % Blocks changed per Read:    1.10    Recursive Call %:     68.39
 Rollback per transaction %:    0.10       Rows per Sort:    250.70

Executes is the number of SQL statements that are executed. In this case, 2,101.9 queries were executed on average per second and 133.74 were executed on average per transaction.

Transactions is the number of transactions (i.e. the number of commits + the number of rollbacks). In this case, there were on average 15.72 per second.

Rollback per transaction % is the percentage of transactions that were rollbacks. Since just 0.10% of the transactions were rollbacks, 99.9% of the transactions were commits. You could combine the that fraction with the total number of transactions to get the number of commits per second and the number of rollbacks per second if you so desired.

For the additional items you're interested in

What does the number of sessions mean to you? Potentially, you want the number of new sessions that are created which would probably be the Logons value, i.e. an average of 7.20 sessions were created every second.

Are you interested in the volume of network traffic or in the amount of time spent waiting on network communication? Statistics like

bytes received via SQL*Net from c        166,752,176      114,213.8      7,267.2
bytes sent via SQL*Net to client         282,458,320      193,464.6     12,309.7

tell you that roughly 159 MB of data was sent to the database from the clients over the duration of the snapshot while roughly 269 MB of data was sent to the clients from the database.

I don't know what you mean by "initial volume" or "volume increase rate". What volume are you measuring? What rate of increase are you measuring?

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Thankyou Justin Cave. There are few more attributes that i need to get the values of - Number of sessions, Network Traffic,Initial Volume, Volume increase rate...is there a doc which can explain these things clearly as you did above? –  Nohsib Jul 13 '11 at 22:14
@Nohsib - I'm not aware of any documentation that explains every term on the statspack report, no. Jonathan Lewis has an excellent series of articles on interpreting statspack reports jonathanlewis.wordpress.com/statspack-examples but that is more focused on helping you figure out which information is likely to be meaningful than on defining every field in the report. –  Justin Cave Jul 13 '11 at 22:14
will go through the link..thanks..if you could kindly share your knowledge as how to interpret these - Number of sessions, Network Traffic,Initial Volume, Volume increase rate –  Nohsib Jul 13 '11 at 22:47
@Nohsib - I edited your question to add these attributes and edited my answer to try to answer your additional questions. –  Justin Cave Jul 13 '11 at 23:09
Thankyou for editing the question and answering accordingly..I could not understand how you got the numbers 159Mb & 269Mb? and by initial volume i ment the initial size of the dB and and volume increase rate is the rate at which the dB's size is growing...and does physical writes mean the inserts/updates into the dB? –  Nohsib Jul 14 '11 at 15:00

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