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I'm a psychology researcher, and recently I've been doing experiments that involve web surveys. My last experiment had 15 separate surveys with around 140 questions each. I've been using surveygizmo, but it just doesn't give me what I need. I spent weeks mindlessly clicking 'question-required' click boxes and the like when I really just wanted access to the html they were using so I could generate it quickly from a script and paste it in.

What I'd like to be able to do is build websites that host web-survey experiments with full control over question-types and access to the html. I'll want to be able to generate user accounts which direct users to the next appropriate survey and save their progress and data. More or less, I want to be able to do most of what the survey websites can do with more control over question-types, question-importing, data exporting, etc.

What's my best bet here? I've done some programming in Python and Ruby for data analysis and manipulation and am reasonably comfortable with basic coding. I don't have any web experience beyond setting up a couple of wordpress sites.

Can this be done in a CMS or do I need to look at web frameworks like Rails or Django? I'd really like to be able to create and deploy survey experiments quickly, but I'm willing to take some time to learn first (and I'm tired of paying hosting fees for services that don't do what I want).

Any help is appreciated.

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So my buddy who's a little more into this stuff than I am recommended that he didn't think a CMS would give me the kind of control I want. He went further to say that I should skip learning a web-framework for now and learn a little PHP and do the whole thing manually. His thinking was that for something as simple as a survey, learning a web-framework well would be more trouble than it was worth. In addition, he said that this approach would give me a better appreciation for what goes on in the back-end if I want to learn a framework later. Thoughts? – anbende Jul 15 '11 at 17:53
Maybe you can try LimeSurvey – Denis Chenu Aug 17 '14 at 18:25

Just my $0.02, but I think you'll need to use a webapp framework. You need something that lets you define reusable question templates, mediate interaction, put responses and state into a DB ... that's a lot to ask of a CMS! By the time you figure out how to do all that, you've done at least as much work as just coding up your own app (given all the high-functional plugins you can string together these days), and you don't have as much control.

This might be interesting; a how-to on a survey app with a rails backend

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