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I am using SQLite wrapper provided by in VS2010

Here is the code that I am using

static void Main(string[] args)

       INFO inf =  INFO.CreateINFO("test5", 123);
       TestDBEntities3 entity = new TestDBEntities3();
       var result = from i in entity.INFOes
                    where i.Name.Equals(inf.Name)
                    select i;
       if (result.Count() == 0)

When I execute the code data do not persist to the database. I am checking the right database mentioned in the connection string of App.config file.

Also I can re run the query without changing the primarykey data and no primary key conflict occurs.

But during the debug at line


'entity' has the new created record in it but does not save.


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I removed the line entity.Connection.BeginTransaction(); and works fine now. –  Kamil Dhuleshia Jul 13 '11 at 22:10

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You started transaction manually so you also have to commit it ...

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