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Is there a groovy/grails equivalent to PHP's parse_url ( ) or python's urlparse ( ) that turns a URL string into a struct containing host,protocol, querystring, fragment, URI, etc?

I thought it might be in the , but didnt see anything. I dont think HTTPBuilder or assorted URLMapping utilities are what I need.

I really just want to pull a map out of the path and queryString and handle the edge cases (array of params /blah/fuzz?foo=bar&foo=baz, fragments /blah/fuzz?foo=bar#baz, encoded URLs for redirects) correctly.

I know I can handle the PATH component via clever use of URLMapping eg: /blah/$code, but im left with decoding the param block...


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If I understand correctly, what you really need is plain old URI class:

new URI('').query
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Extending @Artur Nowak answer, maybe you will need some more effort to get what you want. Here is an example:

URI dbUri = new URI('')
def username = dbUri?.getUserInfo()?.split(":")?.getAt(0)
def password = dbUri?.getUserInfo()?.split(":")?.getAt(1)
def host = dbUri?.getHost()
def databaseInstance = dbUri?.getPath()
def url = "jdbc:mysql://" + host + databaseInstance
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