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I have a weird mix of literal, visible and escaped control characters in a data dump that I need to clean (preferably with sed), for example ^A, ^B, \N (literally), and visible newlines. I need to clean the file such that the visible newlines remain intact, replace every ^A with a tab character, and strip every ^B\N^B\N (which follows every unix time value in the data e.g. 13068505731812510).

This is what the contents look like using less in a shell command (in the shell, the ^A and ^B characters have a dark background to denote control chars):

^A guid ^A unix-time ^B\N^B\N^A 4 ^A ^A 7.0 ^A IE ^A 8 ^A guid ^A WinNT ^A ... (visible newline)

Or a literal example...

... ^A40C4595C-0B9D-46B7-8214-3D9CE2B5F057^A13071154505579551^B\N^B\N^A4^A192.168.21.136^A7.0^AIE^A8^AE6979203-F58B-4D20-9D66-7F5369BF9E32^AWinXP^A ...

So far the escape sequences I've been feeding sed have not been producing the expected output. Does anyone know the magic escapes needed to make all this happen in as few passes as possible? (There are many gigs of files, and time counts.) Thanks! Bonus points if I can convert the unix time digits into human-readable times in the same pass.

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Change ^A to tabs:

sed 's/\^A/'"$(printf '\011')"'/g'

Strip our ^B^N:

sed -e 's/\^B\\N\^B\\N//g'
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Interesting, I will try these & report back. I had unsuccessfully tried sed 's/\^A/\t/g' - any idea why that wouldn't work? – Paul Smith Jul 14 '11 at 0:20
Ok, so far sed isn't cooperating with replacing control characters like ^A (or if it is, at least it's not evident using less, and I've tried replacing ^A, \^A, and \001 with \t and with the printf command). – Paul Smith Jul 14 '11 at 2:14
We need to see some version numbers, OS, shell, sed? Good luck. – shellter Jul 14 '11 at 16:52

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