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I'd like to find some type of package or module (preferably Python or Perl, but others would do) that automatically generate n-gram probabilities from an input text, and can automatically apply one or more smoothing algorithms as well.

That is, I am looking for something like the NLTK NgramModel class. I can't use this for my purposes because there are some bugs with the smoothing functions which make it choke when you ask for the probability of a word it hasn't seen before.

I've read through the dev forums for NLTK and as of now there seems to be no progress on this.

Any alternatives out there?

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Looks like I answered my own question, so I'll mention what I've found here in case others are looking for it.

There are two toolkits that I've found:


The CMU-Cambridge Statistical Language Modeling Toolkit

They appear to have very similar functionality. Both include a variety of smoothing functions.

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I guess another answer would be to either download the datasets Google provide: http://ngrams.googlelabs.com/datasets if that data is suitable for your application, or maybe use their viewer: ngrams.googlelabs.com

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