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I'm having an issue with writing back to my Access Database (.accdb) through using a DataAdapter.

Currently, I have a Fill method which fills a DataSet Table up with data. This piece of code is currently sitting within my Form_Load().

// TODO: This line of code loads data into the 'hCAliasDataSet.Topics' table.   You can move, or remove it, as needed.

Then I have an cmdAdd_Click() event, this is obviously to add a new row into the Topcis table that sits within the hCAliasDataSet.

// Create a new row, append it to Topics table.
DataRow DR;
DR = this.hCAliasDataSet.Tables["Topics"].NewRow();

Next, I've created some code to caputre the input of one of the column values.

        // Capture user input
        sTopicName = Interaction.InputBox("Please Enter Topic Name", "Topic Name", null, 100, 100);
        // Set the Topic value for the new Row
        DR["Topic"] = sTopicName;

My problem, I'm assuming is here, where I call the dataAdapter to update the Topics table. I manually check the database, and there aren't any new rows created?

// Commit the changes back to the hCAlias DataBase (hcalias.accdb).

Edit: I believe I'm needing to create an INSERT query, for my TableAdapter, would this be correct?

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you can see this blogs. – yapingchen Jul 14 '11 at 3:10
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The adapter should generate the insert statement automatically for you behind the scenes. Your code looks right, but it's possible that you have a constraint on one of your columns that makes it unable to save. (like a non-nullable column that you didn't specify any data for). But, you'd usually get an exception if there was a constraint that cancelled the insert.

You can try one of these alternatives, but they're basically the same thing:

this.topicsTableAdapter.Update(this.hCAliasDataSet); this.topicsTableAdapter.Update(DR); this.topicsTableAdapter.Insert(sTopicName); // add any other columns in here

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Thanks Devin. The insert did the job. Few other things I found I had to change the 'Enforce Constraints' property to True on the DataSet too. – James Durman Jul 14 '11 at 1:33

You should call AcceptChanges in your dataset:


And then commit to the database with your TableAdapter.

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Thanks for your input, I had AcceptChanges() called already. Unfortunately it didn't work for me. – James Durman Jul 14 '11 at 1:30

The Update() method just updates existing records, you'll need to use the TableAdapter Insert() method to add a new row. VC# will have created a default Insert() method for you, (which may be overloaded)... but there will be a method that will let you explicitly insert values....

For example...

this.topicsTableAdapter.Insert(int Column1, string Column2 etc etc)

This will create a new row in your database and populate it with the values you specify.

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Thanks Chris, after taking in Devin's reply I looked into the Insert statement VS was creating for me. – James Durman Jul 14 '11 at 2:10

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