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Every time I try to delete my project, and create a new one under the previous name that i deleted, the icons and references are still there. I can't seem to fully delete it then start again with the same name. Any help is appreciated.

Using: Xcode 4

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Close the project then delete it with Finder. Open Xcode's Organizer window (Cmd-Shift-2) and click the Projects tab. Find and delete the project from that list. Close the organizer than try creating your project again.

Also, file a bug report at http://bugreport.apple.com - this shouldn't be necessary but I have seen it before (in 4.0 betas).

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Also, to get rid of the unwanted projects when you control-select on Xcode in docks:

1) Follow Joshua's instructions above 2) Quit xCode 3) Control-click on "show recents"

Now only the projects you have left will show up.

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In Xcode 4.3, close the project, close Xcode, then use finder to delete the project folder. Next time you launch Xcode the project should be gone.

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