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i have a spring servlet has a mapping file and in there i defined the url/controller mapping:

<prop key="/template.html">templateWebServiceController</prop>

from there if i were to test by my browser and goto localhost:8080/myapp/template.html, it will call the the servlet

however, if i were to change the servlet mapping into:

<prop key="/template">templateWebServiceController</prop>

essentially taking out the .html, doing so (goto localhost:8080/myapp/template ) would not be able to invoke the servlet

am i missing something? or testing it wrong?


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did you try template.form with the config <prop key="/template">templateWebServiceController</prop> – Anantha Sharma Jul 14 '11 at 2:15
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The Spring dispatcher servlet is mapped to a URL pattern in web.xml. In your case, it's probably for URLs ending in .html:


If you want Spring to accept other types of patterns (like /template), you have to change the mapping to something else OR add another servlet-mapping with another pattern.

For example, you can add a mapping with <url-pattern>/template</url-pattern> and your controller will be picked up. Or you can put <url-pattern>/*</url-pattern> and all URLs will be picked up by Spring.

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You can also add a mapping for the DispatcherServlet


and in your servlet config add


Then you can also access the root url at localhost:8080/myapp/ and all other extensions etc

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