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In PHP, how would one search search for a double bracketed keyword (ie. [[keyword]]) and replace it with an php include when found?

My intention is a back-end user will have an basic editor in a textarea in which they can call upon php includes I have predefined via the double bracketed tag that will render a specific include upon output to the public facing side of the app..

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preg_match is one method, here's how it might work:

if( preg_match( '#\[\[(\w+)\]\]#g', $input, $matches ) )
    foreach( $matches as $match )
        // test match, include it if necessary.
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preg_replace_callback() will help you do this with ease. Be careful about the security implications

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+1 for the callback function and noting the security implications. –  Jason McCreary Jul 14 '11 at 2:12

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