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Im a little new to JavaScript.

I am going to have a file upload field. I want to add an onclick to the file upload field to add additional file upload fields.

So I'm thinking something like:

function addfile() { 
document.getElementById("form_name").appendChild(<input type=\"file\" name=\"file1\"" +     "i++" + " />)}


<input type="file" onclick="addfile();" />

(I know this syntax is probably terrible/missing things, I'm just trying to layout the concept I think I am supposed to be using.)

Can you get this working?

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This encapsulates the i variable.

(function() { 
    var i = 0;
    window.addfile = function() { 
        var input = document.createElement('input');
        input.type = 'file';
        input.name = 'file' + i++;



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Ahh that looks much better! So basically just to sum up, add that code to the head, and then add <input type="file" id="form_name" onclick="addfile();" /> And that'll add a second file field after that one when i fill in the first one? And 3rd one after that and so on? Thanks so much, great help! –  Jonah Katz Jul 14 '11 at 2:46
@JonahKatz: Yep, refer to the fiddle. You may want to consider using attaching the event in the JavaScript file itself though. –  alex Jul 14 '11 at 2:48
Oh didnt see that link before! Thats great! Perfect! If you dont mind helping with one more quick thing, any way to remove an upload field? –  Jonah Katz Jul 14 '11 at 2:51
New to the forums, forgot to put @alex in that last comment –  Jonah Katz Jul 14 '11 at 2:57
@JonahKatz: Use element.parentNode.removeChild(element). If you need more help, you should probably ask a new question. –  alex Jul 14 '11 at 3:05

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