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Because of some asinine problem I'm having with multiple Python interpreters and Windows 7, could I simply copy an interpreter, rename it, and run scripts with it without any problems?

My Python 2.6 install came with a python.exe and python26.exe which are identical according to fc. It seems a convenient arrangement to unambiguously pick a Python version when multiple can be found on the PATH envvar, but for some reason those version-tagged python.exe's weren't included in the default 2.7 MSI installer.

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Yes, depending on what you are doing. You should also be able to move a whole installed interpreter (i.e. the libs and everything) but moving just the executable will probably cause you problems.

You might want to create a .bat file that you can use in place of your script that selects the correct interpreter. In that case you can even do things like pick a virtualenv instance.

c:\python26\python.exe c:\tools\myscript.py %*
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It's safe to copy the 2.7 version of python.exe to python27.exe. –  synthesizerpatel Jul 14 '11 at 3:14

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